While learning is a component of everything I do, including leading, thinking, and teaching, I have had the opportunity to engage in more formal professional development. The following recent examples of professional development have challenged and influenced my thinking and daily practice in important and sometimes surprising ways.

2-3/2022 and 8/2016

Attended two HGSE professional development programs: the Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians (2016) and Ensuring Equitable Student Success (2022).


Participating in the Institute on Open Educational Resources with a cohort from Penn State.


Participated in the Changing the Future for Women Faculty leadership program, sponsored by Penn State and facilitated through Next Level Leadership.


Participated in the Library Management Skills Institute II: The Organization. The program was sponsored by Penn State and facilitated through DeEtta Jones and Associates: Next Generation Leadership.


Participated in the Big Ten Academic Alliance Department Executive Officers Seminar and Fellowship. Press release.